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  • Does Start with Art charge a pre-registration fee?
    No, there are no pre-registration fees. All pre-registrations are valid for 30 days after which registration is formalized.
  • Are there any benefits for students who wish to attend more than one club?
    Yes, we have a 20% discount applicable to the second course, for students who attend more than one course per year.
  • Where can I find the Start with Art regulations?
    You can find it here
  • Can I apply at any time of the year?
    Yes, it is possible, because although the courses are annual, the teacher can always adapt the schedule for a new student.
  • What is the annual registration fee for the courses?
    The annual registration fee per student for each course is: €80 (includes €10 of mandatory insurance)
  • Can I cancel an existing subscription?
    Yes, you can do so at any time, with a minimum advance notice of 30 days and the payment for the following month may be reduced to the corresponding fortnight depending on the student's withdrawal date.
  • Can my child bring a snack?
    Yes, we have a fridge where food and drinks can be refrigerated. Each student must have their lunch ready to eat and it will not be allowed to share food or drinks between students.
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